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How to build cooperation and trust between the commercial sector and public libraries. Case: E-book development in Finland

Traditionally the trust between authors, publishers and public libraries has been relatively good. However, when the discussion has moved to e-books, some distrust has emerged and this has to do with piracy fears.

In Finland it was strategically important to cooperate with all players in the book publishing sector in order to ensure that library actively participates in the development work within the field. The aim is to examine how the public and private can bring about cooperation in the development of e-book distribution for libraries.


Termine und Ort:

Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2014, 14.00-14.20 Uhr, Halle 4.2, P99

Donnerstag 9. Oktober 2014, 14:30-14:50 Uhr, Halle 4.2, P99

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