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UNESCO-Veröffentlichung zum Open Access

Mittwoch, 09. Januar 2013

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UNESCO: Policy guidelines for the development and promotion of open access

Swan, Alma (2012). *Policy guidelines for the development and promotion of open access*. UNESCO, Paris, 2012.


UNESCO issued this publication to demystify the concept of Open Access (OA) and to provide concrete steps on putting relevant policies in place. Building capacities in Member States for Open Access is a necessary but not sufficient condition for promotion of the concept. Creating an enabling policy environment for OA is therefore a priority. This publication will serve the needs of OA policy development at the government, institutional and funding agency level. The overall objective of the Policy Guidelines is to promote Open Access in Member States by facilitating understanding of all relevant issues related to

Open Access. The guidelines are not prescriptive in nature, but are suggestive to facilitate knowledge-based decision-making to adopt OA policies and strengthen national research systems.

Written by Dr. Alma Swan, an eminent expert in the field of Open Access, the draft went through an open consultation and peer review at the Open Access Community in the WSIS Knowledge Communities.

The Policy Guidelines can be used by individuals as a basic text on Open Access and related policies. The publication will be useful to both the beginners as well as experienced in the world of Open Access, and will assist the decision-makers, administrators and research managers to focus on OA policy development.


Also interesting:

UNESCO and COL (2011). *Guidelines for open educational resources (OER) in higher education*. UNESCO, Paris, 2011.


Butcher, Neil; Kanwar, Asha; Uvalic-Trumbic, Stamenka (2011). *A Basic guide to open educational resources (OER)*. UNESCO, Paris, 2011.


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