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Calling all librarians

Dienstag, 14. Januar 2014

Rubrik: Aus der Bibliothekswelt

You can change Europe’s copyright laws!

"If you could change the future of copyright in Europe in as little as 15 minutes, would you? You currently have the chance to do exactly that.

Until February 5th, everyone can share opinions on copyright with the European Commission through its Copyright Consultation and yes, your opinion counts. Anyone who works with researchers, or who cares about future library services and access to cultural heritage will be affected by the results of this consultation."

Umfangreichere Informationen entnehmen Sie der LIBER-Homepage, aus der das obige Zitat stammt.

Auf deutsch finden Sie einen informativen Beitrag im Weblog Die Töchter Regalias. Dank an Gerald Schleiwies für den Hinweis!

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