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Are You Getting Paid What You’re Worth?

Did your salary increase last year? More than three quarters of information professionals who responded to a recent survey said they had received a pay increase over the prior year, […] Read More »

At SLA 2019, Learning and Networking Take the Cake

The Cleve. C-town. The rock ‘n roll capital of the world. The North Coast. Cleveland has had many nicknames throughout its history, but perhaps the most surprising one headlined a […] Read More »

New Webinar Series Looks at Technology

Will blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) make inroads into libraries, or will they prove to be more hype than help? Are social media’s best days behind it, and will concerns […] Read More »

Is Your Integrated Library System Truly Integrated?

Does your integrated library system (ILS) help you manage tasks such as cataloging, circulation, acquisition, paying bills, and monitoring access? Of course it does—but it should do much more. That’s […] Read More »

SLA: Where the Learning Is

In Maurice Sendak’s popular children’s book Where the Wild Things Are, a boy’s bedroom magically transforms into a jungle, and he sails off to an island inhabited by “wild things” […] Read More »

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  • Join SLA 2019 President Hal Kirkwood is this Thursday for his next presidential chat with three previous SLA presid… https://t.co/adsdEa6Imn
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